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First Apartment? Follow This Checklist To Help You Move In

Finally it’s happening, and yay for that! Moving in to your own new house as exciting as it sounds can be a bit daunting as well. Specailly if it’s a whole new place you’ve barely been to. But of course, nothing worth having comes easy, and before you tweet about it and throw a party, you’ll need to get things settled and organised smoothly. If you’re in a hurry with merely a few days to spare, things can get even hectic from packing things you won’t need like the math textbooks from 2nd to forgetting to but the necessities. So what are the key things to consider and check to make moving in to your new living space a simpler process? Read below to find out.

Create a Budget and Stick To It.

Whether you’re creating a chaos or not, before you move make sure to create a budget and stick to it because you’re going to see expenses creeping up like those boxes your store room is stuffed with after Google searching for cheap moving boxes. From security fees to utility fees, you’ve got to be able to tackle up all sorts of expenses that sometimes end up obliviously on bills. A handy advice would be to keep up your living costs up to 30 percent of your net income.

Plan And Pack Efficiently.

Moving in to your first apartment is basically like finally getting in to your first relationship. It’s exhilarating yet terrifying at the same time. So best way to get started is to pack early as possible and not procrastinate until the last day. The key here would be to start off with the rooms that aren’t used often like perhaps the garage and the attic and then go on to your living room so that way get the essentials covered at the end.

Personalise It And Have Fun.

It’s your first new home after all, so when you officially walk in you need to make sure you’re wrapped with a blanket of warmth and comfort, something only a home can give. So make you paint the walls and even use a sharpie and get creative with them, if you’re allowed that is. Adding a fresh coat of paint always gives a different kind of satisfaction but if your landlord’s ready to sue you for it, then you can resort to removable or portable wallpapers through will you’ll be able have fun and personalize.

Set Up the Utilities and Connections.

Imagine shampooing your hair while singing shower by Becky G, only to realize you’ve forgotten to call for utilities or they just didn’t turn up yet because you called them late. Yeah to say that would be agitating would be an understatement. Call up the utilities a week before to schedule installation dates and times after the move in, so that way you’ve got everything settled beforehand. Whilst some utilities like the cable or the internet can wait, gas and water are important and need to be prioritised so they’re set the day before you move in.

Purchase Cleaning supplies.

One important thing to load in those boxes you bought after browsing the web for a store that sells packing boxes Melbourne, would be cleaning supplies. I mean you surely don’t want to be greeted with a mushroom plant growing inside a kitchen cabinet, or a slimy green mould behind the toilet seat right?So make sure to give your new home a full clean up, mopping floors and dusting windows covering every nook and cranny the day before you move in.